Sr. No.   Particular   Charge Rs.   Remarks
  1   Cheqebook Charge per one leaf   1.00   Charge will not  apply if minimum balance  maintain Rs.50,000.00
  2   Statement Charge Per one page   5.00
  3   Cheque Return Charge   50.00
  4   DD /Cheque Cancelled Charge   10.00
  5   Cheque Stop Payment Charge   25.00
  6   OBC Return Charge /Minimum our own bank   15.00   Add Sender bank charge ps.20.00 per 100.00
  7   Fixed Deposit Duplicate Receipt   25.00
  8   Balance Certificate of any account   50.00
  9   Bank Guarantee Charge minimum   100.00   After it Rs.10.00 per one thousand
  10   Bank Solvency Charge minimum   100.00   As per bank policy
  11   Duplicate NOC Charge / RTO / City Surveyor etc.   100.00
  12   Stock Statement Delay Charge if not submit within time limit
  Up to Rs.1,00,000.00   25.00
  Rs.1,00,001 To Rs,5,00,000.00,   50.00
  Rs.5,00,000.00 and above   75.00
  13   Legal opinion of Advocate for title clear   750.00
  14   Legal opinionof Engineer for title clear   750.00
  15   Saving account if closed in one year   100.00   On receipt of the allCheques issued by the bank
  16   Current account if closed in one year   200.00   On receipt of the all cheques issued by the bank
  17   R.T.O Set   30.00
  18   Saving account will open by Rs.500.00 if minimum balance not maintain then quarterly charge will  apply   50.00
  19   Current account will open by Rs.10000.00 if minimum balance not maintain then quarterly Chargewill apply.   100.00


• Remittance of  bank note Rs.500.00 or 1000.00 will issue if available in bank.
• Customer are requested to behave politely with bank staff.
• If any complaint customer are requested to inform about the same to the Board of Director.

Service Charges

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