• Late Onali Fidaali Lokhandwala :Late OnaliFidaaliLokhandwala  was born in 25th July 1916  , in a village Godhra of Panchmahal District, Gujarat.  Leadership accompanied by vision was the prime quality of  Onali Fidaali Lokhandwala. He was  proficient, competent, capable and clever in the business. His method of transacting the business with service, made him popular and loved one. He was capable enough to accomplish the job, correctly, and in time. These qualities made him a true leader.As a founder of the Bank OnaliFidaaliLokhandwala had few goals:
    » To maintain the self respect of the businessmen.
    » To provide easy and timely credit to the businessmen with simple procedure.
    » To serve the society. Profit is not the barometer of success of the bank, but to help the projects of education, health and to entertain charity projects as well, was the goal.
    » He wanted this bank as a symbol of common man’s bank and wanted to provide easy credit to the needy persons. The person with a small business or self employed should be able to get loans with convenience.
    » He had a vision of transparent management. Reputed and recognized leaders in the society  managed this bank without any gain or benefit.
    » The vision of Late Onali Fidaali Lokhandwala has succeeded Onali Fidaali Lokhandwaladied in the year 1978.

Our Founder

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