The following points show the salient features and purposes of GU Bank Lockers:
• Leave your valuables with us.
• Hire a locker cheap rates – convenient sizes air conditioned environment.
• State-of-the-art Lockers, the safe deposit vaults with fully equipped systems and fully air-conditioned.
• For additional safety, the Locker holder assigns a code word which further increases security.
• Available in different sizes as per your requirement.

  Locker Type Category Deposit Rs.
  A Small Rs.2,500.00
  B Medium Rs.7,500.00
  C Big Rs.15,000.00
  D Large Rs.40,000.00

Terms and conditions :

• The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons whocan operate the Locker and can have access to it.
• The lockers are of different sizes and the rate of  deposit varies with the size of thelocker.
• Operations will be allowed during the declared hours of business.
• Before you leave the Vault, please check that your Locker is closed properly.
• Nomination facility is available for Safe Deposit Lockers also.
• You can have an individual as well as joint locker account.
• Locker will be allotted subject to availability.

Bank Lockers

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