An LPG cylinder is ubiquitous to the Indian way of life, with it almost impossible to imagine daily life without it. While this is the case in most cities and towns, a number of people in rural and tribal areas still use traditional fuel or “chulha” to cook, exposing them to health care risks. In a bid to bring such families under the ambit of LPG, the government launched a scheme wherein individuals who could afford the full price of a LPG cylinder gave up the subsidy on it, with this amount used for the benefit of the less fortunate.

Individuals who opt for the LPG subsidy will benefit under the PAHAL Scheme, wherein the LPG subsidy amount will be directly credited into their bank account. For this to happen, beneficiaries should ensure that their Aadhar card is linked to their bank account, which can be done either offline or online. The offline mode involves an individual approaching the bank and filling out relevant forms to complete the linking process, whereas the online mode permits linking through internet banking.

Aadhaar Subsidy

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